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Carrying You Through Hard Times

We are a charity that lives and breathes helping others. We partner with a range of services from hospitals to homeless shelters, to provide what is needed to those that could do with a helping hand.

Packing Boxes

Active Fundraisers

Hosting a range of events to raise money, from Black-tie Balls to Fun Runs

Flexible Volunteering

Delivering around-the-clock support for those that need our help

Multi-cause Support

Lending a hand to the Homeless, Domestic Abuse Victims, Hospitals & more

"Everything felt negative, and felt I needed to do positive things. I needed Jade's name to be carried on"
Founder of Jade's Bag Charity, Debbie Meade-McLoughlin speaks on BBC Radio 4 about how losing her beautiful daughter Jade pushed her to create J.B.C. in her honour.
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